Please Note ~ If you are looking for information on a specific event
and there is no email listed, you will have to call the contact person for details.
I only know what is listed on the site.

I do not know about most dolls, nor do I buy or sell dolls for you.
I leave that up to the experts.
Therefore, If you are looking for selling,
identification or appraising services, your best bet
is to visit for all your options listed in one place.

I am no longer able to take event information or payment by mail or email.
All listings must now be submitted using the automated listing system.
Visit the "Submit Event" page by clicking <
HERE> for options.

Welcoming your Comments, Suggestions & Information
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When contacting me regarding a listing,
ALWAYS include the State of the event, your name and phone number.
 If different than the contact the name listed, please include the contact person as well.

Please Email First:
Phone: (520) 270-0179 (9 AM - 6 PM - M-F - AZ MT)
Mailing Address: Karen Kosies, 4412 E. Dianthus Pl., Tucson AZ 85712

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