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Together we thrive by encouraging and educating
others about dolls and doll collecting.

    I was never much of a "doll" person. Oh sure, I had Tammy, Tiny Thumbelina and Barbies. Then with my two daughters and step-daughter, we had more Barbies and various other dollies but that was pretty much it.

     When I discovered "boudoir bed" dolls in 1990 as an adult, all that changed. (For that story, please visit my website at www.TheDollieBoudoir.com). As time went on, I attended doll shows in Phoenix and here in Tucson in search of my beloved boudoir dollies.  It was always a challenge to find when and where the next one would be. Some time around 2002, the doll club here in Tucson decided not to sponsor doll shows anymore so then, my only option was to go to Phoenix. I joined a couple of doll clubs and found that there other shows that I didn't even know about but finding out information about them meant that you either had know someone or be receiving doll magazines that told you or you could try looking on the internet.

     It was before a trip that I was to make to Oregon in 2008. I was looking and looking online for a show  I could attend while I was there. I found one site that was so confusing that you couldn't even find anything and Antique Doll Collector Show Calendar online that only showed three months ahead and sorted by date. Needless to say, this made it really difficult to plan ahead.

     Well, out of desperation and frustration, I decided to create a site myself. After locating current issues of magazines and with hours and hours of research and typing, I finally launched DollShowUSA.com on February 17, 2009.

     After being a vendor at many doll shows for years, I decided that Tucson really did need to have a doll show. I held my first Tucson Doll Show on Black Saturday, 2008, I realized that there needed to be more help out there for others to be encouraged to either continue with current shows or to develop and produce new shows.

      This website is my mission to help all those kindred doll lovers of the world. Those die-hard doll people who continue to provide the rest of us with a venue to meet other doll people, learn about different dolls and to see and touch a doll before purchasing it and bringing it home to live with us.

     It is my hope that this website and the other services I am providing will not only allow doll shows to continue but to thrive and prosper into the years and generations to come.

Happy Dolling to All!
Karen A. Kosies (aeranth) 

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